About Us

Who we are

Cambridge Caravans are a caravan business specialising in importing caravans from the UK and Europe, direct to the New Zealand public.

We provide an individual service where the needs and requirements of our customers are matched with the caravan options that best fit their family or lifestyle. We then work with our UK dealer to source and import the caravan chosen, and ensure all NZ requirements are met.PLEASE NOTE..WE DON'T HAVE A SALES YARD AND MAINLY IMPORT TO ORDER.WE DO USUALLY HAVE A FEW CARAVANS TO VIEW IN NEW ZEALAND.IF IT DOESN'T STATE IN THE ADVERT THAT THE CARAVAN IS IN NZ THEN IT IS AVAILABLE FOR IMPORT FROM THE UK.

We provide a door to door service handling all matters relating to the purchase, importing and delivery of the caravan.

Why we started the business

On looking to purchase a new caravan ourselves, we were not satisfied with the choice available on New Zealand yards, and looked wider.

We recognise the benefits that can be gained from importing a UK caravan (having enjoyed these ourselves) and wanted to offer this service to the New Zealand public, giving them access to the largest caravan market in Europe where the choice and selection of caravans is almost endless. We can now offer customers a way to view and buy a caravan that provides far greater choice. Now you can choose from one of the largest caravan markets in the world - over 500,000 caravans in circulation and 30,000 manufactured new each year.

We are passionate about caravans.

We provide a service that we believe is unique in New Zealand and as we carry very little stock,we can offer the best choice and lowest prices in NZ.

Our Goal

Is to source and deliver a caravan that meets the defined needs of each customer by offering a unique and personalised service that is efficient, cost effective and enjoyable to all involved.

We do not need to make your choice fit what stock is “on the yard”. We are happy to discuss your requirements and if you can’t see what you want on our website, then please contact us.


What makes us unique

  • We believe we are the only company to offer a such a unique and personal service selling UK and European caravans direct to the New Zealand public.

  • A varied selection of caravans are advertised on our website including new and used.All layouts and price ranges are featured to offer you the best possible choice.

  • We are not selling from a yard or “pre-selling” caravans – we aim to deliver what the customer wants.

  • All caravans undergo an independent inspection prior to shipping. There is no more risk buying a caravan from the UK than from New Zealand.

For you we will...

  • Work closely with you to answer any questions and offer advice to help you with your selection.

  • Handle all the freight, customs, importation and insurance associated with the transportation and delivery of the caravan.

  • Handle all NZ compliance costs such as Electrical and Gas certification.

  • We will ensure everything is operating correctly in your caravan prior to delivery to your door.

  • Offer a full parts and accessories after sales service.


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